Anna Szelényi

Société des Artistes Indépendants
Accademia Euromediterranea

Anna Szelényi’s art is created spontaneously, from passing impressions.

After an Aesthetics degree at ELTE university Budapest, Hungary she went on learning fine arts, painting and drawing at Accademia di Belle Arte di Roma. Than she delved into the world of contemporary art in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

She began with painting figures but qickly switched to an abstract exploration of form, through a deeply conceptual, minimalist expressionism. Her free spirit constantly seeks new impressions, avoiding boundaries of form, szyle or concept, and her fame is rising fast internationally.

She often says that she “lives through her eyes”. An unwavering observer of the material world, she filters it through her unique intellectual and emotional depth. Painting becomes an existential jouney and the product has no preordained parts as it is a surprise for the artist as well.

In the solitude of creation the artist abando s any logical sequence and focuses on attaining an inner balance and, through it, experiencing the forces that govern the world.

This solitude is not the overstimulated alienation of modern man, but a transcendent state directed at something that rules all of us.

For Anna Szelényi, life not just an endless sequence of moments, gestures, move,ents, words, people and deeds, but something more. Her world is steeped spirituality, but not religion.This “lay spirituality” exists in the works of Hantai and Reigl, and it hints at a philosophical outlook that glances behind mere form and content.

In our chaotic age it is essential to rediscover the spiritual dimension, for it is where pure beauty dwells, which is, to the modern artist, not just perfection of form and aesthetic harmony, but a balance of structure, color and concept. For Anna Szelényi art is an essential part of life, because some things can not be expressed without it.

Dr. Monica Ferrarini
art historian